"Voi fesch"- creative competition and the Gutschermühle


Heinrich Prokop provides 50,000 mueslibars for the creative competition of the fashion label with social added value.


The social value added label "Voi fesch", known through the Puls 4 start-up show "2 Minutes 2 Million", has set itself the goal of showing the creative potential and talent of people with disabilities to a broad audience and in due course to celebrate.

More and more people recognize the skills of people with disabilities as versatile and valuable. That's why "Voi fesch" prints designs and motifs - created by people with disabilities - on organic fashion pieces.

Investor Heinrich Prokop, CEO of the Gutschermühle, has recognized that the original motifs are also ideal for advertising media and provided 50,000 muesli bars that could be repackaged as part of a creative competition by participating artists from all over Austria.

The new packaging designs from a total of 218 submissions were carefully selected by a top-class jury and public voting.

Now the five best of 16 top creations were awarded, who enjoyed their success at the ceremony.

Click to get to the galerie: https://www.leadersnet.at/news/33304,voi-fesch-fuer-eine-inklusive-gesellschaft.html