The power of water


We at Gutschermühle are committed to sustainability.

The idyllic Mühlkamp, which flows through our company premises, has been driving our company's own hydroelectric power plant for 40 years, which reliably supplies us with green energy.


In recent years, however, there have been more and more accidents due to age, so that renovation has become increasingly unavoidable. So last September we started dismantling the individual turbine parts, which we had professionally reconditioned or replaced with completely new parts. In addition to restoration, modernization was also pursued during the general refurbishment. Modern automation technology makes the need for care, noise perception and performance shine at the optimum.


Just 3 months after commissioning, 82,400 kilowatt hours of electricity were being produced. This corresponds to the same amount of energy that around 25 single-family houses consume per year. In times of high energy costs, our power plant makes a significant contribution to reducing costs and at the same time makes us a little less dependent on fossil fuels.