The most efficient cereal bar facility in Europe in the making


Der Stand Anfang November 2019
The construction start of the new production line of the Gutschermühle Traismauer was opened in August with a traditional ground-breaking ceremony.

The production hall, which is approximately 100 metres long and up to 3 floors high, will be completed in the next few months. An absolute highlight will be the machines inside the building on which the new employees and technicians will work. Thanks to the intensive cooperation with the world's leading system and packaging machine manufacturers, it has been possible to design the most efficient cereal bar facility in Europe. Some special machines were developed together with the suppliers in order to stand out from the competition.


The high-speed system manages to produce up to 1,000 bars per minute and features a very high degree of automation and networking. The self-controlled packaging system makes it possible to place the bars in upright packaging which is then automatically closed and packed into the transport cartons. These are forwarded to a palletising robot, which stacks the pallets fully automatically and prepares them for dispatch.


Since bar development has by no means reached its limits, the entire system has been designed modularly so that additional layers, decorations and finishing steps are possible. And what would such a great production line be without increased safety standards? The latest inspection equipment, metal detectors and X-ray equipment make it possible to see inside every product. This makes it possible for the Gutschermühle to guarantee the usual highest quality for the requirements of globally operating customers.


You can find the press article here.