The long journey of the cocoa


das eigene Müsli mischen
NÖN Artikel
One day of the NÖNi Childrens Business Week found place at the Gutschermühle Traismauer

As part of the NÖNi Children's Business Week, a group of 30 eager and inquisitive children was in Gutschermühle Traismauer to learn more about the origin of the cocoa. Markus Dürrschmid guided the group through the production of muesli and introduced the children to the history, origin and processing of cocoa. It was important to convey to the children that the occupation with food is something very special and Gutschermühle ultimately carries a great responsibility for the fact that the raw materials, which are won in distant parts of the earth with great labor input, reach meaningful and resource-saving the consumers. Likewise, the workshop participants were allowed to mix their own cereal, which aroused great enthusiasm. It was a successful day for all involved!


Here you find the link to the whole report:ÖNi+Kindereitung+Tag+3.pdf/105.118.459