Our brand new keto bar!


das Start-Up Ketofabrik
Keto Kokos Erdbeere
Heavenly, chocolatey, juicy and tasty a hit

We are proud to present the first "keto on the go" boxes.

These incredibly tasty and innovative bars taste like a sin - with just 1g of sugar. They have 90% less sugar than comparable sports bars and fit perfectly into any ketogenic diet. The low proportion of carbohydrates and the wonderful flavors coconut & coconut strawberry make it irresistible.

The young company Ketofabrik came to Gutschermühle through the show "2 minutes 2 million". Together we developed this unique bar, which has generated constant enthusiasm from the start. The Gutschermühle's strong team will also support the start-up in the further phases in order to make this product as successful as possible.

Check out their website to find out more: Ketofabrik