Gutschermühle libers its full potential


Der Abriss geht voran
NÖN Zeitung
Bigger, higher, further!

At the beginning of May it was finally clear: The Gutschermühle is again facing a major expansion.

It was not until the spring of 2018 that the new warehouse, including logistics driveways, was opened, which has an astonishing dimension of 2800 pallet spaces and enables a better process of logistical processing of the goods. With the new planned production, the expanding company manages to double its production capacity and also offer products with peanuts.


Because the current food trends are clear: natural ingredients, less sugar, healthier products. The new line of the Gutschermühle in Traismauer should make all this possible. By optimizing new mixing and cooking processes, it will be possible to add less sugar while maintaining even higher quality. Nuts and legumes are indispensable for healthy snacks and varied diets. For this purpose, the new production was planned, which is optimized in particular for the use of nuts and additionally offers the possibility of producing gluten-free products and new packaging variants.


When it comes to healthy snacks, peanuts are often used as an ingredient and are increasingly approaching the standard ingredient. Peanuts are a good match for current nutritional trends in nutritional physiology and taste and are becoming increasingly popular among European consumers. At the same time, the raw material is a serious allergen, because peanut allergy is one of the heaviest food allergies. This is the reason why hardly any supplier in Europe can at the same time offer peanut-containing and really peanut-free products.


Safety first

Due to the high risk of allergies, it is imperative to build a demarcated building with its own system for the production of these goods. The million worth project got its start on 8 May with the demolition of the old workshops and no longer needed empty warehouses - the now almost last relics from the mill times gone by.


Preparations are in full swing. The new hall, which will have a total length of about 100 meters, is to be built at the beginning of autumn. The technical equipment will be installed directly afterwards, so that the system will be ready by January 2020. After the programming, commissioning and fine-tuning of the facilities, the first new bars will be driving over the line in April 2020.


The added value for the region

For this plant, the Gutschermühle team will be expanded and many new jobs will be created. The company's production staff is characterized by technical understanding, cleanliness, care and love for food. These guidelines are also intended to carry new future workers, who will be introduced to the existing line as early as autumn and admitted to the team.


With the construction of the new bar system, Gutschermühle takes the lead and distinguishes itself from its competitors by offering this diverse range of technology. No other private label cereal bar producer in Europe is able to offer both peanut-free and peanut-based products with such high technical flexibility. It therefore sees itself as a big step into a successful future as one of the largest employers in Traismauer and another footprint in the world of health & wellness with functional and healthy pleasure bars.


You can finde the press report to read here.